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Welcome to Yoga Snacks, our content library on which you find various short videos to be "devoured" whenever you feel a little peckish. You can purchase a monthly access to our content library, where you can find 13 short practices from Pranayama (Breathing) to Meditation to Asana Sequences (Moving). New content will be added on a regular basis.

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Sunday, 27.12.20, 10 - 12, RELEASE

Take two hours in between Christmas and New Year's to let go of stuck emotions, stale energy, bad ideas and create space for new things, feelings, ideas....

Cost: CHF 45 or YY class pass 90' + CHF 10

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Sunday, 27.12.20, 5 - 6.30pm - RESTORE

In need to let go, relax and restore after the first part of the festivities? Enjoy a Restorative Sunday evening practice on this almost full moon night.

Cost: 37 CHF or YY class pass 90'
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Sunday, 03.01.21, 10am - 12pm, WELCOME

Welcome the new year with a two hour practice of breathing, moving and meditating.

Cost: 45 CHF or YY class pass 90' + CHF 10

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"Sein mit dem, was ist"- Meditation  

In dieser erhellenden Achtsamkeitsmediation wird dazu eingeladen in die eigene Lebendigkeit einzutauchen und bewusst mit dem zu sitzen und zu atmen was gerade ist. Die Reise beginnt mit einem Bodyscan der hinein fliesst in den Atemraum und dann in die Ausdehnung zur Ganzheit des Körpers wächst und sie endet mit einem vibrierenden Mantra des Ganpati Kriya.

Jeden Mittwoch: 08:00 - 08:30
Kosten: Kollekte