Studio classes:
New regulations require 2G (vaccinated or recovered) plus wearing a mask. Masks can be taken off, if on top of 2G a  negative test result can be provided or recovery or vaccination took place less than four months ago. Please check the schedule below and sign up for a class @studio. You can purchase a pass online or at the studio when you join us.

Online classes:
Some of our studio classes are also live streamed via Zoom. Or you can practice with our pre-recorded Yoga Snacks or Holiday Five (see below).

Yoga Snacks:
video on demand full content of currently 16 videos is only visible to logged-in customers with a valid pass or membership

Holiday Five:
5 pre recorded classes (1 x 60' morning class, 1 x 90' morning class, 1 x 60' evening class, 1 x 90' evening class, 1 x 75' Restorative Yoga) plus access to our Yoga Snacks.