"Sein mit dem, was ist"- Meditation  

In dieser erhellenden Achtsamkeitsmediation wird dazu eingeladen in die eigene Lebendigkeit einzutauchen und bewusst mit dem zu sitzen und zu atmen was gerade ist. Die Reise beginnt mit einem Bodyscan der hinein fliesst in den Atemraum und dann in die Ausdehnung zur Ganzheit des Körpers wächst und sie endet mit einem vibrierenden Mantra des Ganpati Kriya.

Ab September jeweils am Mittwoch: 08:00 - 08:30
Kosten: Kollekte

Sunday, 06.09.20, 10:00 - 12:00 - Root Chakra

In these times of upheaval and uncertainty it is crucial to connect with your roots, in order to stay grounded and to navigate through life more centered. In this special two hours Sunday morning practice, you will be exploring the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra in Sanskrit). With the help of breathwork, physical postures and meditation, you will feel into your roots and find your stability.

Please sign up here

Cost: CHF 40.00 or YY 90' class pass

Sunday, 04.10.20, 10:00 - 12:00 - Sacral Chakra
The second of the chakras is about creativity & belonging. The sanskrit name "Svadhistana" means "one's one place". Come practice breathing, moving and meditating for two hours, to feel at ease in your own place. The class is for all levels.
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Cost: CHF 40.00 or YY 90' class pass

Winterblues Retreat Mount Rigi - 20.11.20 - 22.11.20

Enjoy a weekend in the Swiss Mountains with Angela and kindred spirits. You will learn yoga asanas, meditation and breathing techniques as well as Ayurvedic rituals that will give your immune system and your spirits a boost, in order to get you through winter safely.

Prices starting at CHF 445

Would you like to learn more about it. Send me an e-mail.

Private Classes Packages

5 Studio Classes 60 Minutes

With this package you will get 5 private classes at the studio. In the first class we will define your needs and requirements. This package is for you for instance, if you are able to come to the studio, if you appreciate the use of the right props and hands-on adjustments, if you like to practice in a safe environment, if you prefer "live" human connection etc.

Price until 30.09.20: CHF 550.00
Number of particpants: 1 - 2

5 Online Classes 60 Minutes

With this package you will get 5 private classes online and one recorded video sequence. The video sequence will be available for you to practice for 6 weeks. It's a great choice, if you live far away from the studio, if you would like to establish your private home practice, if you would like to delve deeper into pranayama and meditation, if you have the right set up (space, mat & props) at home, if you appreciate having a guided video etc.

Price until 30.09.20: CHF 600.00

Number of participants: 1 -2 (video is personal and not allowed to be shared with others)

Both packages can be booked via e-mail.