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Group Classes

Yoga for beginners
In this class we focus on the fundamental aspects of yoga, including asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. We explore yoga with clear, precise instructions so you can see and feel what is happening in your body. Beginner classes are designed for all students that want to understand the basic foundation of yoga and build confidence towards a healthy, safe yoga practice.

Yoga for all levels
All Level classes focus on balancing and stabilizing. They continue to focus on the basics of yoga while creative sequences introduce new poses. All poses are taught in a manner that invites students to deepen their understanding of physical alignment while beginning to blend the postures into fluid sequences that are synchronized with the rhythm of the breath.

Yin Yoga for all levels
Focused on opening the body and soothing the mind, Yin Yoga is a meditative style of yoga that creates space and flexibility through gentle, long-held poses and the use of props. The poses are well-supported and performed mostly seated or laying down as part of a slow sequence. Suitable for just about everyone, Yin Yoga great for both beginners and experienced yogis as it offers something different for everyone and is very accessible and relaxing.

Sunday Yoga flow for all levels
Enjoy a yoga class to finish your weekend with a gentle Hatha flow sequence to cultivate mindfulness throughout the practice, and ride the wave of the breath to align body and mind. All levels are welcome.

Early Bird for all levels
Enjoy a dynamic yet gentle Hatha flow inspired class to boost your energy for an amazing day, mostly based on a series of vitalizing sun salutations. Transform the way you begin your week!

Restorative Yoga for everyone
The term restorative yoga comes from "to restore", meaning to come back to a former, original or normal condition. Enjoy a deep state of relaxation by completely supporting the body in propped-up asanas, or postures. This allows to rest and surrender completely, to gently release and embrace what is and allowing prana or vital life energy to flow and to establish an access to intuition and inner peace. Winding down for 90 min with passive, earthy, restorative poses - an ideal practice after a strenuously week and for anyone who wants to work deeply without force.

Yoga Lab intermediate and advanced level

Based on a monthly theme, Yoga Lab is designed to help students delve deeper into their yoga practice. Yoga Lab classes are rather workshop like.

Private classes

Single out your individual needs with Angela. Privates are a great way to focus on your personal goals and get one-on-one attention and instructions – all based on your unique health, body type, lifestyle, time and calendar. Angela is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and, of course Swiss German.
Among other good reasons, private classes particularly make sense:

  • if you'd like to grasp the basics of yoga (3+ sessions recommended)
  • if you're hesitant to attend group settings and want to gain confidence
  • if you prefer undivided attention from a teacher to deepen your practice in general or to dive into special personal themes or specific postures
  • if you need special attention because you are healing from injury or because you seek a therapeutic practice to manage or improve health issues like insomnia or low back pain
  • if you'd like to deepen your pranayama or meditation practice.